Filet Mignon Each one of our menus is designed with you in mind. Although you are free to choose from our large menu selection, we are very flexible and will work with you to customize your meal and service to exactly your liking.
  We can provide meals for most dietary restrictions. Just simply contact us to discuss your preferences.

We can accommodate most items not indicated on our menus provided we have been given ample notice. We can also provide rare and imported delicacies provided we have been provided ample notice. Please inquire.
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  Roasted New Zealand Rack of Lamb  
Marinated and seared rack of lamb then roasted to perfection and served with a raw white wine-lemon and saffron- garlic marinade
  with minced kalamata olives.  
  Spicy Garlic Shrimp in Cucumber Cups  
    Ginger, extra virgin olive oil and garlic marinated diced fresh shrimp pan sauteéd with crushed red pepper flakes, coarse ground  
  black pepper and salt then served inside a cucumber cup and served overtop a homemade zesty cucumber sauce.  
  Marinated and Oven Roasted Swordfish Steak  
    Fresh swordfish steak marinated with fennel, extra virgin olive oil and garlic and served over a bed of fresh pan seared fennel  
  and pomegranate juice with pomegranate kernels.  
  Almond Berry Cake  
A light white chiffon cake layered with homemade almond paste, white chocolate pastry cream and raspberry preserves and
  topped with almond cream cheese frosting and loaded with fresh variety berries.  
Six Layer Toffee Torte
A dark chocolate espresso cake layered with brown sugar espresso whipping cream and topped with more of the same then loaded with
  chunks of homemade toffee bits and semi-sweet chocolate shavings for decor.  
Dark Chocolate Molten Cakes
Individual semi-sweet chocolate and espresso cakes with a molten chocolate/butter center topped with cognac vanilla
  cream, whipped cream and dark choclate covered espresso beans  
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